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Piercing AfterCare

Piercing Aftercare

Stock up on our fresh, natural, anti-bacterial aftercare products--proven to be an excellent choice for healing body piercings. Our products prevent piercing infections and promotes faster healing. Starting with the all natural and best selling sea salt aftercare collection, "H2Ocean". For washing/removing unwanted piercing crusts we recommend, "Provon" Antimicrobial Lotion Soap. Including a variety of stretching ( gauge size ) balms such as, the "Zeep Soap" collection, "HoldFast", and "Holey Butt'r"(Vegan friendly). Each made from hand-picked, organic ingredients--containing healing properties cutting remedial time. And "Whole Life" Tea Tree Oil family collection, encouraging natural hygiene for stretching and mending. Every Body Jewelry's aftercare products is to be used for treating body piercings only. Not recommended to be indigested, used for unrelated body healing remedies such as deep cuts, seriously infected wounds , or as an allergen treatment. EBJ only provides the BEST aftercare products and are to be used as instructed by product label and by a certified, professional body piercer.