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Big Size UV Acrylic Barbell

Item No. BAAB23-CL



• All UV Acrylic Barbell
• UV Acrylic shaft and balls
• 316L Stainless Steel screw thread
• Bright and colorful
• Available in 7 thickness from 10GA ~ 00GA (3mm ~ 10mm)
• Available in up to 6 colors
• Material : UV Acrylic, 316L Stainless Steel

Big Size UV Acrylic Barbell

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  Product Code ThicknessLengthBall SizeColor Price Sale Price Qty Sub Total
BAAB23-10165B-CL 10GA5/8"5mmBlue
BAAB23-10165C-CL 10GA5/8"5mmClear
BAAB23-10165G-CL 10GA5/8"5mmGreen
BAAB23-10165K-CL 10GA5/8"5mmBlack
BAAB23-8166A-CL 8GA5/8"6mmPurple
BAAB23-8166B-CL 8GA5/8"6mmBlue
BAAB23-8166C-CL 8GA5/8"6mmClear
BAAB23-8166G-CL 8GA5/8"6mmGreen
BAAB23-8166K-CL 8GA5/8"6mmBlack
BAAB23-8166R-CL 8GA5/8"6mmRed
BAAB23-6166A-CL 6GA5/8"6mmPurple
BAAB23-6166B-CL 6GA5/8"6mmBlue
BAAB23-6166G-CL 6GA5/8"6mmGreen
BAAB23-6166K-CL 6GA5/8"6mmBlack
BAAB23-6166R-CL 6GA5/8"6mmRed
BAAB23-4168A-CL 4GA5/8"8mmPurple
BAAB23-4168B-CL 4GA5/8"8mmBlue
BAAB23-4168C-CL 4GA5/8"8mmClear
BAAB23-4168G-CL 4GA5/8"8mmGreen
BAAB23-4168K-CL 4GA5/8"8mmBlack
BAAB23-4168R-CL 4GA5/8"8mmRed
BAAB23-2168A-CL 2GA5/8"8mmPurple
BAAB23-2168B-CL 2GA5/8"8mmBlue
BAAB23-2168C-CL 2GA5/8"8mmClear
BAAB23-2168G-CL 2GA5/8"8mmGreen
BAAB23-2168K-CL 2GA5/8"8mmBlack
BAAB23-2168R-CL 2GA5/8"8mmRed
BAAB23-01610A-CL 0GA5/8"10mmPurple
BAAB23-01610B-CL 0GA5/8"10mmBlue
BAAB23-01610C-CL 0GA5/8"10mmClear
BAAB23-01610G-CL 0GA5/8"10mmGreen
BAAB23-01610K-CL 0GA5/8"10mmBlack
BAAB23-01610R-CL 0GA5/8"10mmRed
BAAB23-001212A-CL 00GA1/2"12mmPurple
BAAB23-001212B-CL 00GA1/2"12mmBlue
BAAB23-001212C-CL 00GA1/2"12mmClear
BAAB23-001212G-CL 00GA1/2"12mmGreen
BAAB23-001212K-CL 00GA1/2"12mmBlack
BAAB23-001212R-CL 00GA1/2"12mmRed
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