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Metallic Silicone Plug with Flattened Double Flares

Item No. PLX002



Metallic Silicone Plug with Flattened Double Flares.
Extra Flexible Silicone Plug in metallic colors.
The flares are flattened to be extra wide.

Metallic Silicone Plug with Flattened Double Flares

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  Product Code ThicknessColor Price Qty Sub Total
PLX002-6A 6GAPurple
PLX002-6K 6GABlack
PLX002-6P 6GAPink
PLX002-6W 6GAWhite
PLX002-4A 4GAPurple
PLX002-4B 4GABlue
PLX002-4K 4GABlack
PLX002-4P 4GAPink
PLX002-4PT 4GAPeach Tone
PLX002-4W 4GAWhite
PLX002-2A 2GAPurple
PLX002-2B 2GABlue
PLX002-2K 2GABlack
PLX002-2P 2GAPink
PLX002-2PT 2GAPeach Tone
PLX002-2W 2GAWhite
PLX002-0A 0GAPurple
PLX002-0B 0GABlue
PLX002-0K 0GABlack
PLX002-0P 0GAPink
PLX002-0PT 0GAPeach Tone
PLX002-0W 0GAWhite
PLX002-00A 00GAPurple
PLX002-00B 00GABlue
PLX002-00K 00GABlack
PLX002-00P 00GAPink
PLX002-00PT 00GAPeach Tone
PLX002-00W 00GAWhite
PLX002-1/2A 1/2"Purple
PLX002-1/2K 1/2"Black
PLX002-1/2P 1/2"Pink
PLX002-1/2PT 1/2"Peach Tone
PLX002-1/2W 1/2"White
PLX002-9/16A 9/16"Purple
PLX002-9/16K 9/16"Black
PLX002-9/16P 9/16"Pink
PLX002-9/16PT 9/16"Peach Tone
PLX002-9/16W 9/16"White
PLX002-5/8K 5/8"Black
PLX002-5/8P 5/8"Pink
PLX002-5/8PT 5/8"Peach Tone
PLX002-5/8W 5/8"White
PLX002-3/4K 3/4"Black
PLX002-3/4P 3/4"Pink
PLX002-3/4PT 3/4"Peach Tone
PLX002-3/4W 3/4"White
PLX002-7/8A 7/8"Purple
PLX002-7/8K 7/8"Black
PLX002-7/8P 7/8"Pink
PLX002-7/8PT 7/8"Peach Tone
PLX002-7/8W 7/8"White
PLX002-1K 1"Black
PLX002-1P 1"Pink
PLX002-1PT 1"Peach Tone
PLX002-1W 1"White
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